If you’re a fan of JBL speakers and have been waiting for a sale on their Link range of Google assistant smart speakers you’re in luck, as all JBL smart speakers are currently 40% off JB Hi-Fi.

The JBL Link 10 is on sale for $137.40 in white or black, When Scott reviewed it he concluded that:

The JBL Link 10 is a mid-range speaker. It provides a decent sound that lacks heavy bass but still sounds better than a lot of other speakers out there. The Google Assistant microphone works amazingly well, even when it is playing some loud music at the same time.

The JBL Link 10 does some things that other smart speakers do not. It is waterproof and portable. That is a sell right there for a lot of people. A portable digital assistant speaker (or possibly more importantly, a portable Chromecast speaker).

Alex had mixed feelings about the JBL Link View which is on sale for $209.40:

To be honest, I am mixed in my feelings here. There are always compromises, and while the audio quality is good, high volume or low bass can upset the apple cart.

I guess it just depends on what you would use the LINK View for and where it would be placed. There’s better smart speakers, and different options for smart displays, but the JBL LINK View is a good combination of the lot.

Front of the LINK View

Other JBL Speakers on sale at JB Hi-Fi include the following 2 models which haven’t been reviewed by Ausdroid:

For those who don’t mind spending about $40 more than the Link 10, the Link 20 which is on sale in white or black for $179.40 is portable and waterproof like the Link 10 but has a longer battery life and slightly more powerful speakers (10W).

Last but not least if you want a more traditional looking JBL mains powered Google Assistant speaker inside your home/office without a screen, the JBL Link 300 is on sale in white or black for $209.40, the same price as the JBL Link View.

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The link provided is showing the Link View at $349. Does this mean the sale is over already?


For me too. I was happy to jump in and try at that price. Oh well

Craig Hassell

Brought a Linkview just before Xmas for $210, I think. Very happy with it. But I got lucky and found a white one, which were rare. The black would have look pretty ordinary in a generally white kitchen. I was going to get the 10″ Lenovo originally which were then $199.


The linkview was retailing at $229. with many retailers pretty much from its original Australian launch. So all that has happened here is they’ve inflated the original recommended retail price. This is happening far too often in Australian retail (Woolworths being the worst offender).


The recommended price for the JBL Link View was over $300. You’d sometimes see it at around $230 on special. But now it’s around $209. That’s a great deal.


The linkview was retailing $229. Pretty much from its Australian launch. So all that has happened here is they’ve inflated the original recommended retail price.


The JBL Link View is fantastic. Great for making Duo audio or video calls, by using voice command with the Google Assistant.

There’s something futuristic about saying “call Rachael” and a few seconds later Rachael is on the screen, talking with you. Google’s own Home Hub can’t do video, so the JBL is much better.