If you listen very carefully, you can get the sound of the end of financial year looking, and companies scrambling to move some product to bump their bottom line. There’s been some great deals on technology in the last couple of weeks, and now eBay is promising a blockbuster “Plus Weekend” event.

“48 Hours of Mega Deals on Big Brands” and “Exclusive to eBay Plus Members”, the ads are blaring at me. I Googled the event name, so now it’s following me around the internet.

Still, it’s worth taking stock of what eBay Plus can do for you. You might want to sign up to be in on the weekend shenanigans (and you might also benefit from your annual membership throughout the year).

eBay Plus membership costs AU$49/year. For that, you get free deliveries and returns on designated Plus items (purchased with Buy-It-Now and PayPal from participating eBay sellers), double FlyBuys points and more. If you shop from the participating retailers, it might be up your alley. It’s also free to try for 30 days.

Deals are set to start flowing at 10am Saturday morning, so you’ve got time for that sleep-in.

Head on over to ebay.com.au/plus to get started.