If you’re in the market for a new phone this weekend, give Harvey Norman a look – they’re offering a free Google Home Max with the purchase of any already-discounted Pixel 3 phone.

That’s a killer deal – Pixel 3 prices are already in great-deal territory. Harvey Norman’s cheapest Pixel 3 is $798 for a 64GB model in Black, White or Not Pink.

The Pixel 3 is one of the best phones in the market and comes with one of the best cameras around. They are Google’s premier devices, comeing with Google’s pure Android software experience and they’re the first phones to get updates.

We’re used to seeing Home Mini thrown in as a giveaway item for phones, tablets and lots of other devices. This is the first time we’ve seen Home Max as a giveaway.

Google Home Max is the plus-sized Home device with a big speaker and high quality sound output, making it perfect for use in a large living space where you’ll want to stream music and stream it loud.

Home Max is just like other Home services in its Assistant features, but it sounds better. Beefier. With nicer sound quality. Did we mention sound quality? Good.

Need to know more about the devices on offer in this deal? Read our full reviews: Pixel 3, Home Hub Max.

Even if you don’t want the Home Max, this is a great deal – you might be able to make some money back by selling it (RRP is $399), making your Pixel 3 an even better deal.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger, head over to Harvey Norman’s website to check out the options.

It looks like you can also get this deal in store, although you’ll only be able to draw from the store’s available stock – but give it a go! The offer expires on July 29 (Monday).

Source: Harvey Norman Pixel 3 Phones.
Via: OzBargain.
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I’ve had to turn off ambient display on my P3 this morning because the white screen flash was becoming just too damaging to my eyes, even looking away when it happens etc. Very disappointed in that part of the hardware issue with the Pixel 3.


Wish the deal is for pixel 3a

Some dude

Clearing out the stock for Pixel 4.