With perfect timing for shipping to arrive just before Christmas, Google have been offering premium subscribers a free Nest Mini. The offer appeared on my phone this morning when I opened YouTube. I was somewhat surprised, but quickly followed the bouncing ball and grabbed myself a free Nest Mini.

A quick scout around shows that the offer is valid for Australian subscribers, specifically paying Aussie dollars. So if you’ve got a Google Play Music or YouTube Premium subscription it’s well worth a quick look. If the offer doesn’t appear for you, the link routes to this site where you can also claim the goodies.
[UPDATE] it seems that the offer is available to every single member of a family for those on a family account! Go and get them!

Will you be using, or giving away your free Nest Mini at Christmas?

Source: Google.
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Jeni Skunk

My Nest Mini arrived just as I was about to have lunch!

Peter Verwey

Thanks Phil. My Google Play Music sub has come through today. Opened Play Music and no link, but it was there when I opened YouTube and have ordered the black Nest Mini. Will be a nice addition to my four Home Minis that have also all been freebies, mostly through Telstra.

Jeni Skunk

Just received an SMS from Australia Post advising me that my Nest Mini will be being delivered tomorrow. The SMS contained an Australia Post delivery tracking URL.
Folks getting the freebie will need to keep an eye out for these SMSes.

Jeni Skunk

In my Gmail inbox this morning, Wed 2019-12-18, was the emails about this promotion.
The redemption code in the email was the same one I’d already used back on Saturday, so when I attempted to use it, the system responded with: “Code already used.”
Other stuff: The Google Store is showing the Sky and Coral Minis as now being out of stock.


Got three on my family plan πŸ™‚ I already have a Home Hub, a Home and 4 minis so I’m going to have to move to a bigger house soon.

Sujay Vilash

One Next Mini per family member is not working. The link allowed my wife and children to order but within 24hrs they received an email stating that there had been an error.

Ashley Gillett

Are these under age kids on a kids type account? Want to know so I can try on my kids Accounts when I get home


Wouldn’t work with my under 13 child, but did work with all other family members (one for each).

Ashley Gillett

So I have claimed my under 13yo kids ones now. You need to contact YouTube support. Go through the YouTube music help in the menu either Call or chat option to them.

Ask for Claudia. She was extremely helpful and understanding.

She sent me an email with the links to claim the ones unable to be claimed in their accounts.

I now have claimed 5 😁


Yup just ordered two, one from my main account and one from the kids account.

Bringing the grand total of free google minis I’ve gotten to 6.

Ashley Gillett

How do you do the kids account?


Not available for G Suite accounts.


Thank you for sharing. Confirming all 4 people on my family account were able to redeem. Fantastic Christmas gift. Finally managed to snag a Google freebie. Thanks again, Phil.

Trevor S

Just ordered 6 freebies .. thanks Google!

Angus Gibbins

Mine just says my account isn’t eligible 😦 any idea why?

Cheap guy

I got me a freebie, it’s going to make an excellent Christmas gift! Thanks for sharing, I’m so happy I got a freebie, lol. Thanks


Just got mine. Thanks for the link!

Chris Ralph

Just redeemed my offer. Thanks for the heads-up.


Thanks, it just worked for me on my account, and also claimed one through my son’s account. The rest of my family members will try a bit later.

Ashley Gillett

How did you do your kids account?


I ordered it from my son’s logged in account using the link in this article and my credit card for the $0 transaction.


4 ordered in the family group so far, 2 have arrived, 2 late orders (one successfully made tonight so it’s still going), 2 more haven’t placed an order, I’ll give them a nudge.


Thanks. Worked for me via the link. Strangely posting this comment has been more difficult- keep getting duplicate comment detected.


Tried it just now and it worked and on its way. Thanks for the tip. I did have to use the link you gave as was nothing in my email or YouTube.


are there any reports of brand new subscribers being eligible?

Katie G

Thank you so much. Link worked fine for me (chrome). Just ordered my free google nest. Bless you for sharing.


It is not valid to every members of a family account. Please get your info right before publishing… Terms and condition below. Promotional code offer is provided by Google and subject to the following terms: Offer must be redeemed by 11.59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on 6 October 2019. Available only to users who are current paid members of individual plan, student plan and family plan head of household of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music on 12 September 2019. Family plan dependents are not eligible. Users must be recurring and active members whose membership is… Read more Β»


It most certainly is, and I know this as my dependants have claimed one successfully. Terms for my link state: “Available only to users who are current paid members of individual plan, student plan or family plan, including head of household and dependants, of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music on 4 December 2019.”


Well, since that time has well and truly passed, and I was successfully able to order two yesterday, both in the same family account, I think that the authors are probably more authoritive than you.


I managed to order 3, I have the Family plan. I got one through my login, one through my partners, and one through my eldest (15) childs login. My 11 yr old and the one i have setup for my 4yrold both showed as inelegible. Those are both restricted via family link.

Ryan Leach

Thanks Phil!!! Had just finished getting a Google home with the $150 off voucher that finally came for the pixel xl 4.

Phillip Malone

I’m holding onto my $150 voucher to the last available minute hoping like anything that the new Pixel Buds will be released before the voucher runs out! πŸ˜‰


As usual I get screwed over because I am using a GSuite account. It says I. Not eligible but been paying for Google Play Music since it launched in Australia.


Same. πŸ™

Jeni Skunk

Thanks for the heads up on this.
Nabbed my freebie πŸ™‚


Tried the link on my phone, turns out the link only works through Chrome it seems. Any other browser and it says offer expires or invalid.

Jeni Skunk

On Win8.1 desktop here, I used PaleMoon browser when I put my order in. Went through smooth as silk.
I only fired up Chrome to check my GMail, to see that my order receipt email had shown up.


Thanks mate, this is awesome. I just ordered my free one 🀩

Jeni Skunk

Noticed something interesting, Phil.
In the third photo on this article, it’s saying you’re looking at a Dec 23 or 24 delivery.
On my order, just put in (18:04 AEST), they’re saying delivery will be sometime between Dec 20 to 23.
Doesn’t make sense to me that my later order would be delivered earlier than yours.


Check out the ozbargain thread… The link eventually worked for me… Keep trying https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ozbargain.com.au/node/505435/amp


Bah humbug! Not quick enough it seems.

Paul Moss

Worked for me, about three hours ago.


Saw the offer. Clicked on it and got the message “Offer expired or invalid”


There’s nothing on my phone!

Adam J

Not for subscribers using Free Legacy GSuite unfortunately

Mark Smith

It came up as invalid for me despite having a subscription.




Not working here!


It appears to have run out already, I got the prompt, but it takes me to a page that states this offer is expired or invalid


Not all Australian users paying in Australian dollars. As usual if you pay for gsuite and have your play music subscription on that account you’re not eligible


Well I’m the holder of the youtube premium account and when I got the offer it now says its expired 😦

I feel ripped off. great thanks Google you indian givers.


Disappointing. despite having youtube premium, it comes up as invalid for my account!


Link comes up as expired or invalid for me


I got “this offer has expired or is invalid” 😦

Jason Fraser

Got the prompt in the YouTube app around 11am Saturday. Clicked on the link, only to get a “This offer is invalid or expired.” Looks like no Nest Mini for me πŸ™

David (Regex)

Same happened to me ;/


Yes indeed, it does include every family member.
I have now ordered 3 of my 6 family members Nest minis.
I now need to contact my 3 nieces and nephews to get them to order their free Nest minis.
I unfortunately just bought 2 Nest Minis and have already connected and stereo paired them in my kitchen. The sound is surprisingly good, not lets have a party good but with stereo sound they have decent enough volume to enjoy loud music in the kitchen.

Michael Trewin

Tried to claim mine, says expired or invalid πŸ˜”


Same here.


“This offer is expired or invalid.”


The prompt came up when I opened YouTube aswell – but the ‘Redeem & Email me” link takes me to a ‘This offer is expired or invalid’ message.

Pablo Picasso

Thanks for the article. I had no idea about this. I had to click on the link and it all worked and pieces fell into place. Sad and happy at the same time I miss out on the family deal. Cheers.


Wow awesome. Almost bought one of these new ones the other day. Ordered!


Noice. It didn’t show for me in YouTube, but the link you provided worked. This is my third freebie Mini.


And, it worked with my wife’s account, so we got two from this promo. Yay!