If you’re like me and you switch once or twice a year between mobile service providers to save money, you’ll know there are often good port-in new customer deals for the first 3-6 months or sometimes even 12 month long term expiry SIM packs.

However it’s impossible for one person to keep up with all the different offers, especially when there can be different prices for the exact same SIM pack depending on whether you buy it from a supermarket, the mobile providers website or elsewhere.

Say you’re on the Optus mobile network and you’ve had a good deal from Circles.Life for 6 months which is about to end. Side note: Circles.Life is one of the best Optus mobile network options as they frequently have great deals that last a few months.

You want to switch to Boost which accesses the full Telstra 3G/4G network and the current offer on Boost’s website is $300 for a 12 month long expiry SIM.

However if you check the Ozbargain Prepaid Mobile Plan Deals page you’ll notice that Boost SIM seller simonline.com.au has a Lunar New Year sale selling the same $300 Boost SIM pack for $228 including shipping.

If you buy the SIM from Sim Online you’ll save 24% / $72 which is pretty good whichever way you look at it.

You might think this is a scam but I can confirm Sim Online is legit. I’ve purchased a SIM pack from them a few months ago and they’re not the only one often selling Boost SIM packs at a significant discount, other websites also do quite often.

So as long as you’re patient enough to wait a few days for a SIM to arrive by Australia Post the lesson of the story is whichever SIM provider you want to switch to, it’s worth quickly checking the Ozbargain Prepaid Mobile Plan Deals page to see if other deal seeking Aussies have found a way for you to save money.

In the last year various members of my family have saved a fair bit of money by checking that site to get great deals from a variety of telco’s including Optus, Boost and Circles.Life. If one of us had wanted to switch to Coles Mobile, Amaysim, Catch Connect, Kogan, Vodafone etc there often deals available for those as well.

Good luck with your SIM bargain hunting!