Apple TV+ original shows don’t tend to get as much media publicity as Netflix, Amazon etc but there are quite a few good dramas on there worth watching.

If you haven’t signed up to it before there’s a great deal available currently for 2 months free access if you signup before December 2 2022.You actually get a week extra on top of 2 months because the usual Apple TV+ trial is 7 days.

The terms and conditions of this offer are:

  • New and qualified returning subscribers only.
  • Signup before December 2 2022.
  • Requires Apple ID with payment method on file.
  • Apple TV+ renews at your region’s price per month after the promotion unless you’ve already cancelled.

I have signed up and can confirm that if you cancel the trial immediately you can still have access for the full free period without having to worry about paying once that free period ends.

My highlights for watching for the last few days are:

  • Tehran – Israel/Iran spy catching drama
  • For all Mankind – alternate history imagines if USSR landed on the moon first

Other shows that I’ll try later which have good reviews are:

  • Severance – what happens if office workers have had their memories surgically divided between their work and personal lives
  • Morning Wars – drama about a fictional American morning TV show
  • Slow Horses – British spy drama
  • Foundation – a modern take on Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi book series

What’s your favourite Apple TV+ show or movie?