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Friday, June 18, 2021

Redbull Mobile in SA — Review

If you're looking for a way to save money on your mobile bill without compromising the service you've got, here's a great option! Redbull Mobile are a new player in the mobile space and have yet to develop a reputation...

Huawei Honor — Review

Huawei shows off Ice Cream Sandwich on a budget Huawei first started releasing quite low end Android phones in Australia and have recently started to build progressively better and higher spec'd models until we now have the Huwaei Honor which...

tTorrent Pro – Review

In the age of digital file sharing we’re always on the lookout for a newer, cleaner, more effective way to share our legally acquired files with each other. Here’s another one that could save you stress and potentially...

HTC working on a 5-inch Nexus device? GSM Arena thinks so.

GSM Arena has reported a tip off, received from one of their own tipsters funnily enough, about the next possible phone in the Nexus brand coming from HTC. This tipster suggests that the 5" HTC "phablet" which we've been...

Droidax Powerpack for Samsung Galaxy S III — Review

A cover and portable charger in one; protects and charges your device on the go without cables. The Droidax Powerpack for the Samsung Galaxy S III is a two in one case that includes an extended battery for the...

Critter Escape – App Review

You're a test-subject critter and you need to escape the secret research laboratory! Planet Muck brings us an action-packed 3D maze chase game, with an overlay of undeniable cute, Critter Escape. You play the part of the "Test Subject" critter, and...

Google Nexus 7 — Review

Google rolls the dice with their first tablet. For some, the wait for a Nexus branded tablet has been painfully lengthy. So many lovers of Android have been crying out for a slate with Google’s specific hand of blessing on...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Review

Multi-tasking genius? Or just another Android Tablet? Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 is a device that has been eagerly awaited and surrounded by much speculation as to just what it was going to be able to do. Being targeted as a...

Checking out with Google Wallet

One of the coolest (and hence, most hyped) uses of NFC would have to be the use of it for contactless payments.Just like your MasterCard or Visa card with PayPass or payWave. The most widely known example of using your phone as your wallet is probably Google’s Wallet app. After installing it on your Android ...

Whirldroid — App Review

If you're a frequent visitor to Australia's most popular internet and technology discussion forum Whirlpool then you would know the mobile interface can be unreliable at times. Aussie developer and Whirlpool enthusiast Greg Smith has created a free app...

Holo Launcher HD – App Review

Since getting my Google Nexus 7 tablet, I have been loving the pure Android experience of Jelly Bean.  It's simple, clean and nice to look at.  I’m eager for it to roll out to my Samsung Galaxy S2, but...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Unboxing and First Impressions

I was lucky enough to receive a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to review.  I decided to share the unboxing, because who doesn't love a good tech preview?  I also share my first impressions of the build of the latest...

Stick Tennis – App Review

One of my favourite games on Android is Stick Cricket which I reviewed when it first came out on Android. Today Stick Sports has released another game into the Google Play Store : Stick Tennis. Following in the same...

Pinterest for Android — App Review

For quite some time there has been an app available for the iOS users of Pinterest. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was an app. Android users have had to put up with a rather lacklustre mobile site, which actually...

Sony Internet Player — Mini Review

The Sony Internet Player! Is it just another expensive box for your home entertainment system? Or, is it a new player in providing a standardised entertainment platform in Australia? Well these are the questions I will be answering in...

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