+ Friday August 23rd, 2019

Smart Accessories

Google Assistant adds two more smart home partners to their live offerings

Google Assistant has today gotten a lot smarter with the addition of two new partners. Today’s announcement sees the previously announced WeMo integration going live as well as the addition of new partner Honeywell. Alongside WeMo support, Google has also announced that the range of Honeywell range of smart devices …

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With Google Assistant, IFTTT and Belkin’s WeMo, I’ve automated my garage door

The smart home has been often promised and typically half delivered, few products exist that deliver you “the package”, and to be honest that’s still the case today. However, with the right combination of pieces, you can get close, and with just a few more integrations I think the IOT/ …

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Google Assistant may be updated for continuous conversations, as demoed on Android TV [Video]

Having used Google Assistant via voice on both my Pixel XL and now my 2 Google Homes devices, one thing more than anything else drives me Bonkers, and that’s having to say “Ok Google” over and over and over and over again, especially when I’m having a “continuous conversation”. If …

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Lenovo will be bringing their Alexa powered Smart Assistant to Australia ‘Soon’

Lenovo, like many other companies this year at CES have launched products which are using Amazon’s exciting voice assistant technology Alexa. The Lenovo Smart Assistant announced this week is slated for launch in the US in May, but it’s also heading to Australia. The confirmation of an Australian launch comes …

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Alcatel announces A3 XL large-format smartphone, to launch soon in Australia, alongside TCL smartband & home monitoring kit

Alcatel (and its parent company TCL) have made a number of announcements overnight at CES 2017, including a brand-new tablet destined for Australia soon, a European-designed smartband and home monitoring kit. The Alcatel A3 XL 6-inch phablet, shown above, will be released in Australia in coming months. It features a …

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NVIDIA is bringing Google Assistant to your TV, plus a new Shield Console and NVIDIA AI microphones

NVIDIA has gained a reputation for just wowing us with their announcements, and this year’s CES press conference is no exception. Their charismatic CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took to the stage and made announcement after announcement, first the biggies, for us at least, a new Gen 2 Nvidia Shield Console, Google …

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