After a false start in late June, it appears Google has flicked the switch on Bluetooth connectivity in Google Home again with the option to pair your devices to the smart speaker now available.

The feature is available on all three of my Google Home speakers, as it is on Ausdroid reader Patrick’s who tipped us that this was available. My Google Home’s are on firmware version 93937 and the option to turn on pairing is now showing in the settings for each individual Google Home unit.

To enable your Google Home to connect to your devices you’ll have to enable Bluetooth pairing, go to Devices in your Google Home app, and hit the three dot menu. Once there you will see the ‘Paired Bluetooth Devices’ option, select that and you’ll see ‘Enable Pair Mode’. Once you enable pairing it’s as easy as going to your Bluetooth settings and searching for devices, complete the pairing and you’re set.

Once you decide to unpair a device from the settings you’ll find a new voice command for enabling pairing ‘Ok Google, Pair a device’ however my Google Home isn’t accepting this command yet, telling me ‘Sorry, I don’t understand’.

If you’ve been waiting for this, then it’s finally here. For what it’s worth, Google Support chat says it’s live and here to stay and we’re really hoping it is this time.

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Well that provides a way to play Apple Music on a Home. That’s about the only audio app I know of that doesn’t support cast. At least on android. These seems more like a feature for iOS and Home users than android ones.

Marco Kelly

Iv been trying to connect to Bluetooth but it’s always says that I have the wrong pin so where do I find a pin for the home if there is one?

Wayne Moore

The option appeared on mine today. I’m confused as to what the benefit is though to be honest. The speaker plays directly for things like GPM, Youtube, Netflix, etc. What could I gain by pairing bluetooth devices?


I only have 4G internet modem at home with a cap of 200GB. My phone plan has unmetered Google Play Music. I can stream music from my phone to my Google Home without worrying about data limits.
Or if your home internet gets d/C or you are relocating you can still play music in the mean time.