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Adobe will be building a universal camera app with the help of former Google...

Google had a mass exodus in recent times of some of their big players in the Pixel development scheme. One such person to leave was Marc Levoy who left just a couple of...

Adobe Creative Cloud optimised for Chrome OS

Adobe is by far the market leader when it comes to digital creativity, with their Creative Cloud suite being the way to go for web designers, photographers, and illustrators. The package includes the essentials such...

Google has plans to default to HTML 5 instead of Adobe Flash by the...

Google's Chrome browser is the most popular in the world, and with that comes a lot of influence and probably responsibility. Google has plans to use that responsibility wisely, to kill off Adobe Flash...

You can now work on Adobe Acrobat files directly from Dropbox on mobile

Adobe and Dropbox have today announced a new level of integration, with Adobe Acrobat for Android now able to edit PDFs stored in Dropbox. The function was brought to desktops, as well as iOS last...

Adobe’s Lightroom for Android will soon no longer need a Creative Cloud account

Adobe's on the go mobile photo editing app, Lightroom, has up until now required users to sign up to a paid Adobe Creative Cloud Account. This requirement is about to be removed however with...

Adobe release new range of Android apps to Google Play

Adobe has today released a new range of apps to Google Play, pushing Adobe Photoshop Mix, as well as Creative Cloud tie-ins Brush CC, Color CC, And Shape CC to the Play Store. The Photoshop...

Adobe will remove its Photoshop Touch from Google Play effective May 28th

Adobe has announced that it will be removing its Photoshop Touch app from Google Play effective May 28th. The news comes as Adobe reveals its new apps which it believes will help the company re-capture...

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