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Hewlett-Packard to build Android tablets?

According to the Verge, Hewlett-Packard is building Android tablets, and is considering building an Android smartphone as well. We all remember how spectacularly HP failed with the webOS-powered TouchPad, but considering that its failure...

Google hires core Enyo team from HP

The team behind open-sourcing HP's WebOS has lost a few members today as they head on over to Google, with likely jobs on the Android team. While HP will continue with their strategy to...

CyanogenMod progress report: Samsung (Exynos) devices will be the next to receive CM9, others...

Cyanogen has recently posted a progress report of CM9 -- the performance-based custom-build of Android 4.0. CM9 is currently compiling on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, HP...

HP TouchPads on sale again Monday via HP’s eBay store

For those of you who wanted one and missed out the first time round, you'll get a second shot at getting your hands on a HP TouchPad. HP have announced that they will be...

HP Touchpad – Dual Booting with 2.3.5 and WebOS

Team Touchdroid have now successfully managed to get a HP Touchpad dual booting with Android 2.3.5 and WebOS. This is further progress on the version that Buzz reported on a week ago from the...

CyanogenMod 7 coming soon to a HP TouchPad near you

So you wanted a tablet but you didn't want to pay over $600 for some half-assed Honeycomb tablet, even though you love Android to no end, so you instead purchased a $99 (or so)...

What Google / Motorola should learn from HP’s $99 WebOS TouchPad

HP recently 'killed off' their Mobile Operating System, WebOS, which they not long ago acquired when they bought out Palm; but what's this got to do with Android? Not much really, however, here's why...

Editorial: Should Google buy WebOS from HP and roll it into Android? Why not?

It's been a busy week, a week of big announcements. First we had Google and Motorola joining hands in holy matrimony and now it's HP's decision to dump WebOS after only 16 months after...

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