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Razer Wolverine V2 Review — Next level gaming for your Xbox or PC

Gaming is an amazing way to pass the time; it’s an escape to another place whether it’s becoming an international sporting superstar, strategising your way to victory in an epic battle or becoming the...

Weekend Warrior: Razer Tomahawk – one of the smallest, most capable PCs available

It was originally on show, essentially as a concept at CES 2020, soon consumers can able to buy the Tomahawk Gaming PC. First things first, it's going to cost you big time, the cost...

Razer marches into mainstream productivity with the Razer Book 13

Razer is well known globally for their gaming hardware and peripherals but they have now announced a laptop that signals their march into mainstream productivity. The Razer Book 13 is a 13.4" laptop...

Weekend Warrior: Razer Deathadder V2 Pro is a new peak for wireless mice

In the past, I’ve used plenty of Razer equipment and had a really good experience. In recent times we’ve been fortunate enough to review some of the Razer offerings and have witnessed just...

Weekend Warrior: Input devices to lift your game

When it comes to gaming there's a lot of variables that affect your experience. The specs of your machine, particularly the video card and monitor but under-rated hardware by many are the human...

Weekend Warrior: More gaming goodness from Razer

Razer has established its name as a manufacturer that delivers quality hardware and the right look, but at a cost. They're continually looking for new ways to deliver on areas of consumer wants....

Weekend Warrior: Gaming goodies to check out from Razer and Astro

As a weekend warrior who often doesn't have a lot of time for gaming, I know it's easy to overlook the interface you have with a PC. I know for years I did...

Razer Blade 15 Studio – A one-stop option for all your content creation needs

Razer might be best known for its RGB-bedazzled gaming gear, but the laptop we have for review today is aimed more at creative professionals. Incorporating some of the best hardware specs available in a...

Razer goes mainstream with new productivity offerings

Razer is a name recognised around the globe for high-quality gaming peripherals. In a surprise move, they have moved to the mainstream offering productivity focussed hardware aimed at working from home. The...

Razer Huntsman Mini — Hands on with a small form factor keyboard

When it comes to our electronic lives, it’s easy to look at the flashy devices we have interfacing with but forget the things that just work. That’s where items like mice and keyboards...

Weekend Warrior: A mini review of Razer’s Gigantic new mouse mat

Sometimes something unusual gets offered to us on review and a couple of weeks ago that happened. I never thought in my time at Ausdroid I’d review a mouse mat, yet here we...

Razer Ornata V2 Keyboard Review — A gaming excellence and productivity capable device

If you’re in front of a PC a lot, having a good quality keyboard can make the difference between a good or great daily experience, particularly if you’re spending time for both work and...

Razer’s new Huntsman Mini may be 60% form factor, but still has big impact

If you've ever had a keyboard focussed on outright performance, you'll know that they can be a touch on the hefty side. The Razer Huntsman Mini looks to change that with a 60%...

Razer Viper Series review — A mouse for all occasions

Having used, abused and unfortunately destroyed hardware in my computing and gaming journey over the years, I can honestly attest to the fact that Razer hardware stands the test of time. It’s built...

The Razer Kishi is a brand new Universal Gaming Controller for Android

As phones become more powerful we've seen increasingly intricate and involved games make their way to the mobile platform. The problem with mobile gaming is touchscreen controls are typically not great. The...

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