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WhatsApp stands firm on its T&C ultimatum, opening the door for competition to grab...

We’ve seen a fairly significant response to the recent changes to Whatsapp terms and conditions. Now while very little has actually changed, the data sharing between Whatsapp and Facebook has been spelled out...

Skype’s response to Zoom is to “Meet Now”

COVID-19 has a lot to answer for including the social isolation we’re currently enduring, issues at home with families suffering cabin fever and the migration of our workforce to their homes. That migration has seen...

Skype screen sharing comes to Android and iOS users

If you're a regular Skype user, you'll know that the mobile interface has aged fairly badly. A complete overhaul that is rolling out now sees the end of that, along with the additional function...

Amazon brings Alexa integration with Skype to Australia – make and receive calls on...

One of the neatest features Amazon announced at the launch of its new Echo range in September was integration with Skype, bringing Echo Show into a wider world of person-to-person video conferencing. There was...

Skype for Mobile begins testing in-call reactions and retooled search

Skype has announced new features for users of its beta preview version, including in-call reactions, retooled searches, and a few other odds and ends. The move brings Skype into line with a number of...

Skype is now enabled with Android Wear support

Skype has announced via their blog that it latest update includes Android Wear support, enabling users to now use its app directly from your wrist. The latest update, which brings the version of its messaging...

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