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World Backup Day is a great reason to think about your storage solution

Have you got a backup solution? If you don't, you're not alone but you're also at high risk. Disk failure, ransomware and malicous attack are just a few ways you can lose precious data. One...

Ask Ausdroid: NAS versus external hard drive – Which one should I choose?

We're all data driven these days, making data security and access more and more important. Cloud storage is a viable option for many people, but for real data hoarders that gets expensive quickly. Leaving...

Genius idea by Sandisk combines wireless charging and auto backup

Sandisk has created a great gadget that combines something smartphone owners do every day or two (recharging the battery) with something a lot of people never do (backing up their phone files). Western Digital's new...

WD Gaming and Sandisk professional storage options get an update

It doesn't really matter if you're into PCs, game consoles or photography and videography, the odds are you've used a WD and/or Sandisk product. Given their footing in all things storage, it's an...

What’s in my bag? Phil’s 2020 carry cache

Each year as technology evolves, as a bit of a geek what I carry changes slowly and steadily. There’s almost always at least one review device, a couple of phones, a tablet, laptop and...

Australian Review: Western Digital My Passport SSD 2020

It used to be the case that if you wanted to take a lot of files with you between two locations, you used a USB stick. These days though the sheer number and quantity of...

Weekend Warrior: WD_BLACK expands their SSD gaming portfolio

Western Digital's gaming arm, WD_BLACK has this week announced three new high performance SSD storage solutions designed from the ground up for gamers. The three new products introduced this week include WD_BLACK's first NVMe SSD...

Western Digital My Passport SSD increases speed and creative productivity

2020 is a year when Australian passports are probably gathering dust on a shelf because we can't go on holidays anywhere overseas. However what a lot of Aussies might need to do is transport large...

Western Digital releases the My Passport Go SSD, for rock-solid data storage on the...

If you're on the go as we often are, sometimes the storage in your chosen laptop or tablet just isn't quite enough. Whether its to take some media on to enjoy, or a place...

SanDisk has partnered with leading manufacturers to offer a faster mobile app experience

Memory maker SanDisk has announced this week that they've released a new 256GB Extreme version of their A1 microSD Card. Partnering with leading manufacturers HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, MediaTek, Oppo, ZTE and more, the new card...

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