If you’re on the go as we often are, sometimes the storage in your chosen laptop or tablet just isn’t quite enough. Whether its to take some media on to enjoy, or a place to keep a copy of your photos when you travel in case you damage your camera, phone or what have you, portable storage is more affordable and capable than ever.

Western Digital has announced a new My Passport Go SSD-based storage option today, offering 500GB or 1TB of storage in a durable, convenient form factor including an integrated USB cable and rubber bumper. Built to travel, this is a drive that’s easy to travel with, and if you drop it, you won’t destroy it.

Western Digital claims that the My Passport Go can withstand a drop of up to 2 metres without damage, making it an ultra-convenient and capable way to store your data when you’re out and about. While there’s a built in cable, we find it a little curious that it’s USB-A – surely in 2019 a USB-C cable (or at least the option for one) would be a good idea.

At more than 2.5x faster than most portable hard drives, the My Passport Go delivers SSD performance of up to 400MB/s. Fully compatible with PC or Mac computers, the My Passport Go SSD also comes with a three-year limited warranty, easy-to-use automatic backup software for Windows, and is also Time Machine compatible for Mac backup.

Western Digital’s My Passport Go is available in two colours – Cobalt Blue and Amber – and in capacities of 500GB and 1TB. The drive is on sale today from Western Digital retailers and distributors for AUD$149 and AUD$269 respectively.

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Jeni Skunk

I would not waste money on that WD.
The permanent cable is the weak spot. When that fails, the drive becomes a paperweight.


Um I’ve had the Samsung T5 for ages, usb-c?