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[Great Deal] Google Home drops to $128 at Australian retailers

If you were looking for a bargain this Christmas look no further than a full size Google Home which has dropped to an insane $128 at three Australian retailers. Officeworks, Harvey Norman and JB Hifi...

Google Home already getting into the Christmas spirit

Google like to put little Easter Eggs as they are known into their products, and today a user found that Google have given us a nice little Christmas-flavoured Easter Egg inside Google Home. A user...

Direct support for smart home appliances added to Google Home

Google Home seems to be taking off now. We are seeing more and more implementations and apps from Google and manufacturers each week. Now it seems that there is official support for...

Broadcast on Google Home is now live, try it out!

It was only yesterday that Google announced the new Broadcast on Home functionality for the Google Home line of smart home devices, but those who were eager to try it out -- myself included...

Reader question: Can I have 2 Google Homes in one house?

This might seem like a silly question, but it isn't, and it's one that I think quite a few people may well wonder. Can you have more than one Google Home in the one...

Reminder: Google Home’s default speaker setting allows flexible casting of audio around your place

With the Google Home Mini now available in multiple markets (check out Jason's review here), we're finally getting time to play with Google's latest smart speaker. However, before the Mini had even left the...

Google Home can now find your phone, even when its on silent mode

Google Home have made quite a splash in the consumer electronics space and as the product matures it is becoming more and more functional for users. Additional functionality for Google Home users to...

Google is testing a ‘Night mode’ for your Google Home

One of the major inconveniences of the new smart IoT connected world we live in is power outages, not that our devices don't work without power, the issue is that they default to "on"...

Rumour: Google working on a Google Assistant powered competitor to the Echo Show

It seems Google may have many Homes in various stages of development, there's the Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and now apparently a Google Assistant-powered device with a 7" Screen codenamed...

Google Home integration with Harmony Ultimate remotes is live for Australian English

One of the best integrations with my Google Home has to be my Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub. Not only does this give me, and my 5 year old, voice control over our entertainment...

Google rumoured to release Stereo Google Home, dubbed the ‘Max’

With Google's second Made by Google event just a few days away a last minute rumour has surfaced suggesting that Google may be working on a larger, more premium version of the Google Home....

Setting reminders to start rolling out to Google Home

It's always been baffling why the Google Home wasn't able to set a reminder, for me at least it's one of the more useful functions of having a voice assistant, or it would be...

Popular shopping list app Out of Milk gets Google Home app and Alexa skill

If you're like most people I've spoken with you're more than a little displeased that Google pulled the Assistant powered Shopping list out of Google Keep and inexplicably placed it several menus deep in...

Spotify Free accounts can now be controlled with voice commands on Google Home

Google Home supports a limited number of streaming music options and until now only supported Spotify premium accounts. Tonight Google has added Spotify Free to the streaming services supporting voice control on Google...

[Report] Facebook is working on a video chat device

It would seem that Facebook is working on a video chat device for your home from its experimental projects team housed in 'Building 8' at their head office inCalifornia according to a report from...

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