Google like to put little Easter Eggs as they are known into their products, and today a user found that Google have given us a nice little Christmas-flavoured Easter Egg inside Google Home.

A user on Reddit has found a nice little surprise when they asked their Google Home how many days left until Christmas. Instead of the usual white indicator lights rolling around in a circle the lights instead were a rolling red and green (Christmas flavoured).

Of course we had to test it out ourselves:

This will not work on the Google Home Mini, only the Google Home. Coming into the holiday season you have to wonder what other tricks Google has up it’s sleeve to brighten our days with fun ….. Easter Eggs …. at Christmas….

Source: Reddit.
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If you ask what is Santa doing it tells you in a fun way also ,lol


Actually I just tested it out, you can ask any holiday or important day. For example, New year, Easter, Chinese New year and etc. It all works.

luke gordon

You can ask how many days until whatever date you want (“okay Google, how many days until March 21 2027), the article is pointing out that asking about Christmas specifically brings up the red and green indicator lights.