Not long after the Pixel 2 range was announced, Google announced the Android 8.1 developer preview, and we’re almost at a final release today with the release of Developer Preview 2. Google says “Near-final system images for final testing” are available today for the latest Pixel and Nexus devices and come ahead of next month’s public launch.

Android 8.1 Oreo and API level 27 brings new features for developers, including a Neural networks API that allows for hardware acceleration of on-device machine learning. For Pixel 2 owners, DP2 specifically activates the Pixel Visual Core which was absent for last month’s preview. This version also features the November security patch.

There are also some other changes around wallpapers and safe browsing actions, a shared memory API and Android Wear gets some more, too. If you have a compatible device enrolled in the Android Beta Program, you’ll receive an update notification soon. If you’re too impatient to wait, here’s a list of the factory images and our guide on how to flash them:


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Nm i just had to be a bit more patient. Feels more stable already although im still having issues with the fingerprint scanner. May go back to 8.0 just to check its not a software thing before i think about an rma


Anyone know if it includes the battery percentage on AOD?

Why doesn’t the check for update version give it to me? Wasnt that supposed to be fixed? ?