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One Plus One: Buy It Now?

It seems that as today is a day of the week ending in a Y, we are due for some more OnePlus One news. Today while trolling around the OnePlus website looking for...

The OnePlus One Release Timeframe Announced?

The OnePlus One has certainly had an interesting introduction to the world. First it was the social marketing of OnePlus taking a dig at other manufacturers, then the slow, drip feeding of the specs...

More OnePlus One Controversy

Less than a week after announcing their first phone to the world OnePlus have had to come out on the defensive over the controversy surrounding their owners/investors. Ever since OnePlus was first founded, CEO...

The OnePlus One Lives

With about 90 minutes still left on the countdown clock on the OnePlus landing page the announcement of one of the most hyped phones in a long long time was presented to the world....

The OnePlus One and Why It Needs to Succeed — Opinion

In case you have had your head buried in the sand for the past couple of months there will be a phone officially announced by a new startup company at 6pm today (AEST). The...

OnePlus One Photos Leaked- Fake?

The OnePlus One leaks are coming fast and strong in the last few days. Some have been perpetuated by OnePlus with them announcing things such as the invite system for purchasing and some are...

OnePlus Does A Willy Wonka

I know that I have already written one piece today on the OnePlus One but I thought I would further disappoint everyone just a little bit more. First it was the lack of...

OnePlus One Countdown Starts

OnePlus have been slowly teasing us with leaks and hints of the upcoming release of their first phone, the OnePlus One. Finally it seems that they have told us all they are going...

One Plus One Photo Samples Leak and More

Here at Ausdroid we have been covering the leaks by startup company OnePlus regarding their upcoming release of their first ever phone offering, the OnePlus One. Each day it seems that OnePlus are leaking...

Ausdroid Podcast 108 – An Abundance of Phils

Welcome to episode 108 of the Ausdroid podcast! With special guest Phil Nickinson joining us this week, we had to work out the best way to address both Phils. I'm not sure we succeeded on...

OnePlus announces their next big thing – StyleSwap Covers

In the world of Never Settle, we're seeing a lot of new things, but so far that's all been about specs, but design is also important and OnePlus has their eye on that side...

OnePlus One Slowly Materialising

For those who follow the Android developer community the name Cyanogenmod would be well known. Most likely you would have also heard about how Cyanogen himself, Steve Kondik has turned a hobby into...

OnePlus Hits Out

The new company of Pete Lau, former Oppo VP, and new home of Cyanogen Inc, OnePlus has started its campaign for its upcoming phone. The first offering from OnePlus, the OnePlus One, which...

Cyanogen Inc. Finds New Home At OnePlus

Lately Cyanogen Inc. has been making waves for all the right reasons, most recently for having a phone released running their Android ROM directly out of the box, complete with CTS certification - the...

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