If COVID-19 has done nothing else, it’s made a lot of information a lot more accessible to everyone. With that “accessibility for everyone” pathway in mind, Samsung has continued to tease the Galaxy Unpacked event for every fan. The event is scheduled as an online stream for September 23rd (24th in the small hours for Aussies) and so far, Samsung hasn’t given much away.

The teaser suggests they’re trying to deliver what many fans are asking for:

  • A great screen
  • Big battery
  • IP rating
  • 5G capacity

What Samsung hasn’t given us yet is any indication that we may see some surprises at the event. True to recent form, we’re likely to see pretty much everything before the event but based on rumours (and the event title) we’ll see the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S20. Unfortunately, limited edition devices often don’t find their way to Australian shores but we’ll know in a few days time for sure.

If a Galaxy S20 Fan edition did come to Australia, what are the must have specs you need to see?

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Tom Sekulic

Needs Snapdragon CPU to be worth considering.
The chances of this phone making it to Australia are lower than 1+ being sold here (read…it’s not coming here).