That’s right, one of the most beloved phone lines of the Android platform will not see an update in 2021. Instead, Samsung has set their sites on two main objectives:

  1. To further develop the user experience with foldable devices
  2. To bring the features that make the Note series special to other Samsung Galaxy devices

Both of these points have been confirmed in an article published on Samsung News. As if the lack of leaks isn’t enough proof of the device absence this year, there is now definitive, written confirmation from Samsung that the Note will not be appearing in 2021, the door is open for a device in the future:

Instead of unveiling a new Galaxy Note this time around, we will further broaden beloved Note features to more Samsung Galaxy devices. In the meantime, mark your calendars and tune in to our Unpacked event on August 11 to see what unfolds.

Moving forward, when the new foldable devices do make their appearance in a couple of weeks, the post by President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics Dr. TM Roh promises greater capabilities. Particularly in the realm of multi-tasking:

I’m excited to say our third generation of foldable devices will open up amazing new multi-tasking capabilities and enhanced durability for even more people around the world.

The Samsung Unpacked event always draws a crowd. After all, they are a very powerful player in the Android realm, often leading the way in technology development and delivery to users. The next generation of foldable devices promises a lot and, personally, is the first generation I’ll seriously consider using as my own regular device.

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Daniel Narbett

Fingers crossed this means that the ‘regular’ high-end galaxy phone’s will in the future work with the larger s-pen styluses that come with the galaxy tablets! (though presumably you can’t retrofit the required sensors to current phones)

Daniel Narbett



That was always one nice thing about the older generations of Samsung Galaxy Note phones, that the same third party S Pen styluses which worked on the tablets, would work on the Note phones, and vice versa. You didn’t need to endure extended use of the far too thin S Pens on them.
If they could at least bring that style of stylus tech to the regular Galaxy S phones, that would be a great change for the better.

Daniel Narbett

Agreed! And happily the ‘S’ series now has all the same bells and whistles that used to be reserved for the Note devices