imoo is a world leading brand in smartwatches for kids. We’ve reviewed one of their previous models – the imoo Z6 – and found that it was really good. Some of the translation in the user interface was a little interesting, but on the whole, the experience was really good, providing a great, affordable smartwatch for connected kids.

The new announcement from imoo is the Watch Phone Z1 and – despite the lower number – it is actually a newer watch designed for kids aged 5 through 12. With an emphasis on safety and security, the IoT wearable technology promotes freedom and independence of children while allowing parents to keep track of their children. Through a suite of fun and innovative built-in features parents and children can enjoy features like video calling, audio messaging, location tracking, photo sharing and much more.

The Watch Phone Z1 does this with 4G connectivity, enabling features like video calls with your children, while respecting privacy and security. For example, your kids can only get in touch with you (as parents) or approved contacts; they can’t for example call a friend unless you’ve specifically allowed them to do so.

On the topic of safety, you can use the Z1 watch to keep tabs on where your children are at; for example, making sure they’re at home, at school, or at an approved activity. You can check your children’s wearabouts on a map in the partner app, and receive alerts if they pop up somewhere they shouldn’t be (or aren’t where they should be).

Even with all these features, the Z1 watch is rated for two to three days battery life (great for those kids who are a bit forgetful with charging things).

imoo’s Watch Phone Z1 is on sale for $139 via the imoo store.