You know the drill everyone, you can now can grab a $50 Google Play Gift Card with a tiny ‘discount’ on it at Coles physical locations. While not as good as an upfront discount, for regular Coles shoppers 1000 Flybuys points can quickly be added to your balance to let you get cash back gift card for your next purchase.

Admittedly a $5 saving over $50 isn’t much it’s better than nothing but it is still a little better than nothing, and if you are already paying reoccurring subscriptions, or yearly subscriber fees via Google Play why not get them at a small discount. If you could get 10% back on everything you bought you bet you life you would grab that deal.

These deals don’t seem to come around very often, and it seems Google Play Gift cards a firmly in the 10% discount category for good, so if you can use it best grab it while it’s around. Unfortunately this deal is only for the $50 card so you can’t grab a smaller amount. The deal is running between 28/7 – 3/8 and only instore, which considering the lockdowns may make if harder to access for some.