Shooting 720p was last years technology, this year it’s all about shooting video in full HD 1080p. Two of the heavyweights that are expected to hit Oz in the first half of this year are the Samsung Galaxy S II and the LG Optimus 2X, which are both more than capable of shooting 1080p, so we’ve put together two videos of these devices shooting at their full (prototype) potential to give you an idea of the quality you can expect to see. Hit the break and press play to push your internet connection to the limit.

Samsung Galaxy S II

LG Optimus 2X

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There’s nothing in it. Maybe if you were making feature films you might be a little more concerned, but going on that footage alone shouldn’t have any effect on your phone choice.

Now more importantly, when are they being released??!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?

Buzz Moody

Galaxy S II – ~March
LG Optimus 2X – Not sure.


A bit of an unfair test, I reckon especially due to the fact it was overlooking a highway where there is not much colour and contrast to compare it to the Samsung video.

Off topic but I was thinking how cool will it be if the phones can record the speed of the cars – lol!
It will be a bit of a technical challlenge to install a radar into the phone though.


The motion of the cars was smoother with the Galaxy S II’s capture although the cars were travelling at a faster speed with the Optimus 2X. The finger in the bottom left corner of the Optimus 2X capture staying there for the whole clip is amusing – I wonder if the person even knew?

It’s pretty hard to weigh the two clips against each other due to the different lighting conditions, scenery, etc. However the galaxy S II (only based on these two videos) has it all over the Optimus 2X in contrast, sharpness, shadow detail, colour and motion smoothness.

David Anderton

completely unfair compare since the videos are shot in a different location under different lighting conditions

Buzz Moody

These are the closest I could find on YouTube. Though it gives you an idea of what each camera can do.

Nathan Elcoate

I think the Galaxy S 2 is more vibrant! It kicks the Atrix too from what I’ve seen.


very clever filming a spot that has a SGS2 banner across the road

Angelo Giuffrida

The Samsung’s is slightly smoother, and more vibrant with colour…