A friendly tipster has sent us in this screenshot of Telstra’s internal documentation. Within the documentation is a list of phones that have been put into Siebel (Telstra’s sales system) but cannot be sold yet, which means they’re confirmed to be launching at some point in the future — the Samsung Galaxy Note is a secondary confirmation of this. On the list is the HTC Ville — better know as the HTC One S, which means that it will be the other HTC One device to launch alongside the 4G-toting HTC One XL.

The other device of interest is the almost 6-month-old Motorola Atrix 2. It’s surprising to see the Atrix 2 coming to Telstra considering how old it is and that there are rumours of an Atrix 3 floating around.

Both devices have very similar specs (4.3-inch qHD display, 1080p video, dual-core CPU) and are likely to launch on mid-tier Telstra plans — perhaps $0 on their $59 Freedom Connect plan.

Our tipster couldn’t provide any release date information on the devices, but going by the early April release of the One X on Optus and Virgin, we’re thinking the One S and Atrix 2 will also see an April launch date.

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Don’t fully understand the Telstra terminology, but why would the Velocity 4G be placed on a “NOT TO BE SOLD” listing???  


Because its an old screenshot from before the Velocity was released. 


How is the note still not on sale… rediculous

I’ve actually seen heaps of people with them, wonder where they are getting them..?

Piers McCarney

Typo: “mid-tear” should be “mid-tier”.


I think the reason for the Atrix 2 would be that it will more than likely be blue tick approved. Given how few smart phones, other than the iPhone 4S and the old Atrix, are blue tick they are looking to boost the range.


Nice work again, shared at n-droid.net