Nexus 4 - Box

We’ve had a few tipsters write in and let us know that Kogan has Nexus 4 16 GB devices in stock and is selling them for $519.

Given that the Nexus 4 is proving to be 2012’s version of hen’s teeth, if you’re trying to get your hands on one this might be a good option. Kogan are advertising a 7-day shipping window, and one tipster who bought the phone last night (21 January) received advice that they should receive delivery by 31 January. Taking into account the long weekend coming up, this doesn’t seem too shabby.

For those of you who might be chasing faster shipping, it seems the same handset is available from Mobicity, albeit for a slightly higher price ($569 vs $519 at Kogan), however past experience suggests that Mobicity might be able to ship to you overnight or in two days rather than seven. If time is of the essence, and money isn’t as much an issue, this might be a viable option for you.

If you’re the kind that is a bit more adventurous, there’s another alternative to score yourself a Nexus 4. Go buy yourself a LG Optimus G, load up on Dutch courage, and then check out this guide on XDA for converting the Optimus G to a Nexus 4. Be warned, this is a stupid crazy hack, and if you do it, you’re probably insane.

Of course, if you’re not adventurous and you’re the more patient type, you could wait until February when LG has promised that stock levels will return and there should be no issues getting your hands on a Nexus 4 through the Play Store Devices page.

Let us know if you’re keen to grab a Nexus 4 this way, or if you’re insane enough to convert an Optimus G.

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Harvey Normal will be selling the 16gb for $499


Kogan out of stock. Just ordered one from mobicity. Why wait till Feb only to miss out when they sell out yet again.

Craig Turner

Sold out already!! I spose we’re back to waiting!! 🙁


I have done the same thing…my iphone is cactus and i don’t want another iphone or a galaxy.They say it will be in stock in February but if that turns in to March or April and then stock is limited…don’t think i am willing to take that change…grab now whilst available.


i’ll wait til its back in stock and then kogan have it on special for $300 lol


Just bought mine. Jan 31 is the shipping estimate not the delivery estimate. Happy to upgrade, but 2 months later and $120 more, no longer is this any kind of bargain (just nothing out there I prefer).

Sean Royce

I’m still tempted but I don’t known if I should wait to see what 5.0 has in store.


Bought it 🙂

Nathan Elcoate

markup much?

Chris (Deputy Editor)

They can probably justify it on the basis that there’s quite a demand, there’s virtually zero supply (for now), and they’re one of a small handful of outlets with stock available.

Avon Perera

I’ve waited this long… think I’ll just wait until the supposed restocking in Feb. My Gnex is working out fine for me in the meantime


Thats what im think. Or just by a 2nd hand Gnex and wait till nov for the new one


I too will at least be waiting until the Google Play store is back in stock… Like you said, we have waited this long already… However, with all the rumours of a (potentially) soon to be released Nexus 5 and Google Motorola X, I am wondering whether to stick it out with my trusty old Samsung Nexus S for one more generation and skip the LG Nexus 4… I don’t know what to do? What does everyone else think?