Boom! Get out the way silly renders, the (possibly) real HTC M7 is in town thanks to the team over at Android Police. The actual device is certainly the second render we saw leaked and not the first, which is a winner in our books. The new cartoon-ish, streamlined UI appears to be real which leads us to believe HTC might be headed in a new design direction with Sense 5 — we’re still not sure how we feel about that. You can also see the capacitive buttons have a new arrangement. What was once back, home, recent apps, is now, back, recent apps, home.

Included in the leak were 3 screen shots of the UI as it stands currently in production. The home screen is filled with placeholder widgets that could either be that exact layout (like TouchWiz), or they’re just filling up all the squares that the widget would take up (1×3, 2×3, 4×1, etc). The Android version number and Sense version numbers have been hidden, however, we do know that it’s going to launch with Android 4.2 on board.

Anyone else more excited about this device? Bring on MWC we say.

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Everyone handset maker is now working on 5-inch handset and HTC M7 is rumored to feature 4.7-inches. I guess HTC should better include a 5-inch display in a flagship handset.


I’m going to go out on a limb and call every image I have seen of the M7 a hoax. Call me paranoid… But this all feels very much like the ‘anatomy of a hoax’ Sony Nexus scandal…

SYD Harry

4.7″ is a ideal size for SMART phones.
HTC Sense 4+ is far better than previous versions. So Ver.5 should be fine.

It’s totally NEW phone. Definitely it’ll beat Butterfly’s performance score.

Cool specs are,
Full HD screen, 1.7GHz Quad Core, 2GB RAM, 13MP and 2.1MP updated cameras.


I like how the HTC butterfly didn’t waste space at the bottom of the phone so this just seems like a step backwards…


Can people please tell me what the HTC Sense UI is like? I don’t mind the TouchWiz interface but ended up flashing for a stock system. Looking at this (again, possible) new Sense skin makes me cringe, it looks just awful.
Might have to stick with the nexus line next time

SYD Harry

Sense – no crash but Lag

TouchWiz – no lag but crash.

From the experience of HTC One X with Sense 4 and Galaxy Note 2

But recently One X updated and Sense 4+ is really awesome.


Agree, HTC has done a wonderful job with the Jelly Bean update on One X


Thank you!
I guess that’s a good sign that they are kicking out the bugs. Might keep the nexus interface on my s2, it matches the nexus 7 i have