Vodafone Jelly-Bean-galaxy-S II
On the 5th of April Vodafone annoubced that they had approved the Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S II for both the Vodafone and 3 models. Unfortunately at the time, no date was given on when the update would be rolled out but today the information has been updated to advise that the update will begin to rollout tomorrow.

The rollout will be staggered as most Fimware Over The Air(FOTA) updates are, the scheduled rollout will move like this :
Day 1-3 : 10K of IMEIs selected at random to be eligible for update, users are either alerted via FOTA Push Message or must check manually for update manually.
Day 4-13 : An additional 10% of IMEIs are selected per day, users must check for update manually.
Day 14 : All IMEIs are now eligible for update.
To check if you have an update waiting for your phone, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and select the Check for Updates button.

We should hopefully get more details on what is included in the Android 4.1.2 update, size and whether the update will be available via Kies from Vodafone when they update their blog. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S II from Vodafone or 3 then tomorrow could potentially be a really good day for you.

Let us know tomorrow if you receive the update and what you think of it. Remember we love to hear about device updates, so if you see your device receive an update let us know via twitter or email.

Source: Vodafone Community Forum.
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Updated it today.

George Deka

Just noticed this on the Voda support page for the update

HD voice enabled (only through Kies after full factory reset)


Anybody have a Download link to the Vodafone version of 4.1.2? Backing up my previous comment, my Mum’s GS2 won’t be recognised by kies due to her ROM status.


Vodafone was first for jb for the sgs3


Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for Sam Updates to put it up for download as my mum’s S2 is saying it’s not eligible for updates after bringing her from a rooted stock rom to a stock rom.

Allister Roger

You can update to Samsung official 4.1.2 fairly easily and you don’t have to root your phone but you can still do it if it is rooted. http://www.wiredmash.com/samsung-galaxy-s2-i9100-android-4-1-2-xwlsn-firmware-april-2013/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

Sean Royce

Is it just me or do I feel like Vodaphone is always at the front of updates? Or has this already been pushed by other carriers?


My dad got his last GS2 update about 2 weeks ago. I think it brought him up to 4.1.2. He’s with Virgin.

Sean Royce

You don’t hear about Virgin doing updates. Unless I just never see articles about it. Thanks for the info.


Optus rolled out last week too Sean.

Sean Royce

Thanks. Guess Vodaphone isn’t as fast as I thought.


It’s just you. 🙂
Yeah I’m with Virgin and got it a couple of weeks ago which afaik was the first. That may be because there’s no bloatware on it so less to test, unlike my friends Optus which has pages of them.
Btw, can anyone getting this tell us the baseband and build versions. Mines LS9 and LSH.