SGS 4 Gorilla Glass 3
With the Samsung Galaxy S 4 sporting a very tough Gorilla Glass 3 front, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to put the phone to the test and with phones starting to be found more commonly in the wild a Romanian reviewer has attacked his review unit with keys, knives, coins and a pen.

The end result of this test is that the screen seems to hold up extremely well to the punishment. Micro scratches aren’t visible on the screen in the video, however these are usually only visible when examined extremely closely.

The materials used in the manufacture of Samsung phones may lead to them being described as ‘Plastic’ and classed as not premium, however this same use of materials certainly lends itself to a very durable product and when a device is costing upwards of $600 this is certainly something to think about.

Is durability a major deciding factor in your phone purchase?

Source: SamMobile.
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Nick Bellios

Why would anyone test their phone screen like that? He should be playing with something else ๐Ÿ˜‰


Well, it’s no surprise at all that all those metal objects can’t create any visible scratches. The metals used are all softer than gorilla glass, now try using grains of sand or some diamond jewellery and let’s see how it fares XD

Dylan Xavier

grains of sand i get. but diamonds? you carry diamonds in your pocket? I should hang out with you more often.


Well I don’t carry diamonds around with me in case you were thinking of mugging me haha, but I do know some people carry some of their diamond jewellery in their handbags occasionally and that is where they store their phones as well which makes it relevant ^^

Dylan Xavier

can I have their number? I can hang out with them then. Given that they carry their diamond jewelry so freely in a bag, im sure they have a bit spare… for me

Alex Baldwin

The thing I’m always paranoid about is the metal plug on my earphones when I’m just carrying them in my pocket with the phone, as well as my earphones themselves being metal and rubbing or pressed against the screen when sitting in with slimmer jeans. So far so good (and I don’t use screen protectors because I hate them). However, even my original HTC Hero was fine with that and that was using just normal glass. Most durable phone I’ve ever had; felt rock solid, didn’t care what I did to it and the only phone that I never used… Read more ยป