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Despite being strongly rumoured to launch on Telstra, the Nexus 6 has so far failed to materialise on Australia’s largest network. But fear not, if you’re after a Nexus 6 on contract, is now offering the handset on a variety of plans on a 24-month contract.

Starting from just $19.90 pre month with a $35 handset repayment, which gives you 500MB of data and up to $500 worth of included value, you can go right up to $49.90 with a $30 handset repayment which incudes 3GB of data and unlimited talk and txt within Australia.
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Dodo offers 4G plans which utilise the Optus 4G network, so bear the coverage maps in mind when looking to sign up to the service. The handset is still very much sought after despite reviews which show the battery life is less than ideal. If you’re interested in grabbing one, head across to the Dodo website and click through to select the Nexus 6.

Source: Dodo.
Thanks: Matt.