Nvidia has transitioned from being a parts manufacturer into a more consumer product manufacturer over the last couple of years. Their Shield line of hand-held gaming devices, Tablet and now Android TV based console have been hotly coveted by Australians as we looked on at international sales in the US and Europe, but that may be about to change.

Nvidia has confirmed that they are currently in talks with local retail chains here in Australia to bring their Shield Tablet and controller to Australia, and the next step once that launch has occurred would be to bring their Shield Console to Australia next.

There’s no confirmations as to which retailers are in talks, nor exactly when this will happen. Nvidia has been talking about bringing Shield to Australia for a while now, but it’s positive that they’re still in talks.

Would you purchase an Nvidia Shield Tablet, Handheld or Console?

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Bao Nguyen

I would buy the Shield TV if it’s available yes.

george ghazi

About f***ing time.

Stephen Cornwell

Why are there no sources whatsoever to this article?

Jesse Kinross-Smith

I ordered a Shield Tablet from on Black Friday and it’s been awesome. It connects to LTE on an Optus Sim fine and been very happy with it.


My thoughts regarding nvidia Shield are quite simple.
Either bring it to Australia now, or clearly say no go. Shield has been out for a few years now, so any need for more stalling time ‘talking to local chains’ is IMO complete and utter BS.

Jeremy Cockle

Bring it on! I want one of the Shield consoles badly! The convenience of a Chromecast, 4K, Gaming and Android TV in one package.