Galaxy S6 - S6 Edge - Next is Now
The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are two of the best examples of mobile phones on the market, and Samsung is keen to show off their process in making them. We’ve seen their previous videos detailing the manufacturing of the curved edge display and now Samsung has returned for the second part of their ‘Engineering Next’ series to show off the internals.

The same narrator returns and shows off the Exynos 7420 processor at the heart of the two phones, which use the new 14nm 3D FinFET process. They also show off the internal process to use ultra-sonic waves to fuse the circuitry together and the wireless charging technology which allows users to use Qi or Powermat standards.

There’s been some comparisons to adverts produced by a certain other company on the market and there’s definitely some similarities, but check out the video yourself and see what you think.

Source: Samsung Mobile Youtube.
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Wow, that is awesome! I love the technology inside gadgets.

Jamie Saltmarsh

I’m with Geoff, what a fantastic video!