Galaxy S6 - S6 Edge - Next is Now

Samsung has begun the rollout of an over the air (OTA) update to its Samsung Galaxy S6 line overnight, which takes the software from the AOC4 build to AOD1. The actual update notification gave no clue as to what the update contained, beyond the standard ‘bug fixes and performance improvements’.

One thing that I’d very much like to see fixed, but I don’t think it’s in there just yet, is the solution to the S6’s memory leak issue, which causes performance degradation over a period of 24 to 36 hours or so. This build number – G920IDVU1AOD1 – does not appear to be the same as that released in the UK recently which is said to fix the memory leak situation while remaining at Android 5.0.2, but we will keep you posted as to whether it’s fix in this build anyway.

It is unclear when the same update will hit for carrier-branded handsets (this is an un-branded model), but various carriers have an update in waiting for the S6 (and S6 Edge in some instances) which is quite likely the same. We’ll keep you posted.

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Bruce R

BOE3 is what i have, 5.02. not tech savvy so not sure what this means.
I know i have had to factory reset twice, once because of jammed fingerprint scanner, and refused backup password rejection.


Hey guys, I use to have a notification to turn fast charging on while charging but never did. Now my phone fast charges no matter what and no option to disable in battery options. Any one else get this?

James Simon

Applied update last night two changes i have noted, fingerprint security is enable even though previous incompatible with my works exchange server version (they needed to upgrade to newer version), update seems to have bypassed this limitation, the other change noticed is now the trusted locations swipe to unlock no longer works no matter which locking option i select (work limits to pin or password), this previous worked before the update. Checked with work they have not changed their exchange settings.

Kyle Harper

Has anyone found there battery life is worse after ota update?


haven’t noticed significant differences yet.


Just got my ota update on my telstra branded s6 edge


I own a S6 edge bought from optus store with optus software and boot screen and got update during the night.


telstra variant is not expected to receive it til 25th of may… I might just flash the generic Australian version and get it now


Might want to check that again. Telstra pushed out the update at lunchtime.


Yep, I checked at about 3 o’clock and I got it


Same, got it on Telstra.


Yep, just checked and got my update this morning


Got my ota update overnight, S6edge


Adds annoying highlight to edge people every time you return to the home screen, time to turn “feature” off

Kyle Harper

Have you found it has worsened battery life??