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Last night’s high resolution render of what the LG Nexus 5 2015 may look like has been joined tonight by a render of what the Huawei Nexus could look like. As per last night’s render, this one is again created by uSwitch in partnership with Steve Hemmerstoffer of @onleaks fame and based on measurements provided to third-party accessory manufacturers.

The phone bears a striking resemblance to other Huawei phones, though there’s a distinct Nexus feel to the curve of the top of the phone. The Huawei Nexus will feature a more premium metal body than the LG built Nexus and most likely a higher price tag. The Huawei Nexus will feature a USB-C connector at the base, with a rear mounted fingerprint sensor at the centre.

The camera sits at the very top of the phone, looking very similar to the layout of the current Huawei top of the line P8, with a similar beveled edge tapering round the chamfered curved sides to join the rear of the phone.

The phone measurement include the possibility for a 5.7″ or 5.5″ screen, with Huawei and Google apparently testing both. Though uSwitch are calling this the Huawei Nexus 6, that’s far from the final name till Google announces it. Final dimensions are (or at least are currently) going to be 159.4​mm high by 78.3mm wide including side buttons and ranges from 6.6mm to 8.5mm at its thickest point.

As with last nights render, this render is based off measurements provided to case makers, and as uSwitch themselves admit, some liberties such as the white strip has been added as a flourish, but is far from final. With all that in mind, it’s a good looking phone. So, it comes down to which you prefer the look of – and of course the specs which we’ll see more of when Google finally announce details of the Nexus phone (or phones) later this year, most likely in October.

LG or Huawei? Or, as this writer says when it comes to Nexus:
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Source: uSwitch.
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    vijay alapati

    Head phone jack on the top…..its 2015 dude

    Darren Ferguson

    Head phone jack should be on the bottom so it’s facing up in your pocket.

    If the phone is upside down in your pocket, when you grab it, it’s already oriented correctly in your hand. Also stays that way when you put it in. Less handling = less chance to drop.

    vijay alapati

    That’s what i meant to say…may be my wording is not proper….looking at the pics it looks like its on the top.


    Hopefully they wont be outrageously priced and decent stock available on the 64gb modle on the first month of release.

    Jamie S

    Anyway you look at it, I feel this year and 2016 is going to be a very successful time for Google and the Nexus line. Let’s hope some of the major carriers if not all offer these phones on contract to get them back into the mainstream. Exciting times ahead..

    TheBagging Man

    I think Android is still a couple generations behind the iPhone. Before you slag me for saying that, I do not own an iPhone. If iOS was as kind as Android is in terms of 3rd party app integration and transferring files to and from a USB I would buy an iPhone 6s when its released, purely for a performance perspective. That being said Google Now on tap has got me really excited for Android M.


    Kind of the other way around – iphone & ios have been playing catchup for a while now – copying furiously.

    My problem is they are both going down the same (wrong) track – same old WIMP approaches, low information density and horrible ‘flat’ design – all set in a rectangle panel that keeps getting bigger, even though that makes it less useful as a carry object.

    We really could do with some innovation.


    Ugh. If that render is accurate it’s an appalling iPhone rip off. Yuck!


    Nah, it’ll be better.


    I’m talking aesthetically.