Following a seemingly endless series of leaked images, videos and renders of Sony’s Xperia Z5 lineup more images have surfaced today showing all three expected models side by side. The Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium are expected to be announced at Sony’s IFA 2015 in Berlin.

The images further confirm what has been rumored about the Next Xperia Z flagship devices with the Xperia logo embossed in the metal frame and the new power button housing an expected fingerprint reader. The camera module on the Z5 – standard/ 5.2″ – model shows a 1/2.3 aperture and a 23MP sensor, whilst the other devices details were shown simply as xxx. It’s too early to tell if there will be any significant difference between the 3 models outside of their size and display.

Sony is a popular brand in Australia and despite not making major inroads into the US market they are still an important player in the mobile and consumer electronics space worldwide and there has been a lot of hype and expectations surrounding these new Xperia Z’s. We won’t have long to wait to see the device officially announced and all of the specifics come to light.


Are you waiting on the Xperia Z line before you choose your next device?

Source: Xperia Blog.
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Syed Abdul Aziz

As moto x Style’s Camera has Sony G-lens Sensor. So I think going for moto X style os Play is fine as will experience Pure android and first line updates 🙂


mmmmmm Z5 or Moto X Style? price will be factor


Phone camera sensors are getting pretty big. This one’s almost half an inch! Do we know if the aperture will stay at f/2.0?


the 5.2″ model had 1/2.3 printed below the camera


1/2.3 is the sensor size in inches mate ☺ The aperture will have an f stop number. For example f/2.0 is the Z3 range, f/1.9 for the GS6, f/1.8 for the LG G4, etc. We’ll know soon ?

Max Luong

Just looking at my Z3C, it also says 1/2.3 so I’d say it’s the same sensor size as the Z series has always had.

I’m not keen on even more MP on the same size sensor. I’d worry about the low light capabilities…


That’s right. I have a Z3C too. It’s a great little phone. My wife is using mine atm while I’m playing with a GS6.

TheBagging Man

Keeping a close eye on the compact, just hope they release the stock like firmware they are testing on the Swedish z3

Damon Lewis

I’ve also got my eye on the compact.

I don’t know why Sony isn’t doing better than they are. They have good hardware and the software is improving with each iteration (Not that the software was bad in previous Z series devices).


I’d say they haven’t been doing that well, in part, due to the very high cost of many of their handsets compared to the competition. It will be interesting to see what level these Z5 handsets are when pricing is announced.


stock firmware? Where can I get my hands on that!

Damon Lewis

As far as I know it’s ‘near’ stock, not pure stock.

Jesse Kinross-Smith

Looking forward to seeing one in the flesh and getting some reviews on the Z5 premium. Looks like a nice phone and may well be my next.


I’m looking forward to the official release. This can potentially be my next phone.