Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge - Model
Samsung has today announced that the Marshmallow update for Galaxy device, with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge first in line to receive the update.

The update will bring all the great features of Android 6.0 to the phones, including Doze mode, Google Now On Tap and App Permissions. Samsung has also added in usability functions for the Galaxy S6 Edge, including the option to expand the edge panel to 550 pixels wide, adding in even more ways to make use the phone, by allowing a larger viewing area.


While Samsung has announced the update will be available globally, this is for unlocked handsets – i.e if you purchased your handset from a carrier, even outright, you still have to wait for their software update approval process to be completed. At this stage, neither Optus, Telstra or Vodafone even list the update on their respective software update sites, so it’s unclear when the update will begin distributing.

We’ve reached out to Samsung Australia for clarification and more information on when the update will be released and we’ll update if they have anything further to announce.

Source: Samsung.
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Mahmood Ahmad

when marshmallow come on optus s6 edge


Time to start breaking balls on the Optus forums then

Palo Verde

Mine is a outright cash purchase s6 Edge no updates at all.

Daniel Tyson

Yes, but where did you purchase it from? If you paid full price for it from Optus, Telstra, Vodafone etc. you’ll have to wait for them.

SirJames Woodley

Friend at work has a Voda S6 and she had the update notification this morning but had no idea what or why it was there (no care) … I have a unbranded unlocked S6 edge and have been notified that “software is up to date!

Sadie Forrest

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That must has been the previous security update that Samsung released a few weeks ago; I have been pressing the goddam button to look for updates for days now, and nope… nothing…

SirJames Woodley

Yes you are probably right…. I never actually saw her phone so that makes sense.


Is it true that the “Unlocked” non-branded version doesn’t get updated until after the branded? It use to be the non-branded got the updated first, the reason many request these versions, but since the S5 it seems the opposite and there is no benefit of these in terms of firmware? With no carried bloat ware and ‘network’ testing any idea why the delay?

Daniel Tyson

The unlocked handsets generally get the update long before carrier branded handsets.


I guess now we wait for Optus/Telstra to release it

vijay alapati

So they did beat LG and HTC in updates, considering that samsung have a Heavy touchwiz (VR compactable software and Themes) this is way to go


They didn’t beat anyone in anything. The update hasn’t been pushed to any Australian handset yet. Making an announcement doesn’t mean anything.

If you’re after fast updates, the only option is Nexus. I’ve been enjoying Marshmallow since early November. I’d be surprised if Samsung devices get Marshmallow at all in March. I’m pegging an April release for 6.0 to Australian devices.

vijay alapati

I’m sure it will be within days for unlocked versions. Just can’t wait to get it updated to 6.0.


The HTC M8 has marshmallow already, although it will be the last update for it (HTC only supports for 2 years). For Optus users, LG G4 is testing at the moment, and ETA mid feb. No news from Sony