We’ve become a bit of a fan of the Nextbit Robin phone since it was announced on Kickstarter last year. The Robin, who’s main selling point is utilising cloud backup did have a few faults when Jason reviewed it earlier this month, but the Android 6.0 update planned for the phone next month will apparently fix at least a few of those issues.

In a post on the Nextbit Forums, the update to Android 6.0.1 has been outlined and a few of the headline features of the Marshmallow update have been listed. First and foremost, the phone will run better – there’s also a small update heading out today to fix some issues – but the good news is that you will get all the new Emoji you’ve been seeing as little boxes since they came out.

The camera is also getting a fix, well at least the speed of the camera is getting fixed, with low-light performance singled out as ‘SO MUCH FASTER’. Audio, including the speakers, which will sound clearer and better, and the speaker phone are getting improvements as well. Finally, the screen will look better outside.

The update will arrive next month, though exactly when wasn’t announced, and as there are 30 days in April it could be a long month waiting for your Robin update, but it could also be as soon as tomorrow – we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Nextbit.
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vijay alapati

aren’t most of the apps on our phone are cloud backed up, i mean google photos, Gmail, Google music? May be i still didn’t understand what this phone offers differently from others O_0


As far as I can tell, this is the only Android phone that offers a back up of the complete phone system including ALL app data, without resorting to rooting the phone. So your progress in each game, the data you’ve loaded into random apps that you might use, it’s all there. Otherwise, you are at the whim of individual app developers as to whether the local data associated with that app is backed up or not.