The darling of Kickstarter, Nextbit’s Robin is a heck of a phone, it’s gorgeous in the mint colour and of course the unique cloud saving feature is awesome for people short on space. Nextbit has been pretty good about sending out updates for the phone, but those living on the bleeding edge can get access to some great new features thanks to the chance to join their new beta program.

Announced over on the Nextbit community forum, the beta program promises to let Robin owners try out upcoming updates and features before they hit the mainstream. Not only will you get to use the new features you’ll also get to talk directly to Nextbit developers to give feedback. It’s not all sunshine and roses, it’s a big job really, in their announcement of the program, Nextbit said:

As a Nextbit beta tester, you’ll play an important role in our software’s development. You’ll have a chance to use features that haven’t been released to the public. However, keep in mind the beta program is not intended as a way to quick way to cut to the front of the line for new software. It’s a responsibility, and you accept risk on the behalf of other users. If you are not ready to do that, the beta testing program may not be right for you.

I took the opportunity to talk with Tom and Scott from Nextbit while in San Francisco last week and they are very passionate about their product. The team appears to be quite dedicated as well, so if you’re interested in improving your phone this is a great way to go about it.

If you love your Nextbit Robin – Jason seems to – then it’s well worth trying out the new Beta program to see if you like it. If you want to sign up, you can enter your details on the Google Form, or better yet, read the forum post in full to decide if it’s really for you.

Source: Nextbit.