If you’ve been living under a rock today, then you’ll be excited to learn that Google has started teasing their Pixel event which will take place on the 4th of October in the US. This of course means the 5th of October here in Australia, and Google Australia has some teasers featuring ‘5’ to show you.

There are two videos from Google Australia available, one is the modified version of the original teaser video with 5 in the place of 4, while the other is a darker, grittier tease of what’s to come. As you can see, the first shows the elongated but familiar Google search bar being slowly morphed into the shape of a phone.

The Second uses highlights and shadows before a bright neon type sign outline of the phone appears.

Google is of course pretty aware of where you are in the world, and if you hit the madeby.google.com website you’ll see the date for the event listed as 5th of October – of course if you use a US VPN you can get the 4th if you really want.

The event kicks off at 3am AEDT on the 5th of October and Google will be streaming it on their YouTube channel. We’re excited to see what Google has to announce.

Source: Google Australia.
Thanks: Justin.
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Odd… in korea and i get the 4th… must just be looking for country only … thought it would then factor in time zone.