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As we pass into the second week of Samsung’s Australian Galaxy Note 7 replacement program we thought we would stop and take a measure of the progress so far. We have been advised by Samsung Australia that approximately 81% of the original Galaxy Note 7’s have been returned in Australia.

The full statement from Samsung Australia is:

Samsung Electronics Australia can confirm approximately 81 percent of the original Galaxy Note7 smartphones are no longer with Australian customers.

We urge the remaining customers who have an original Galaxy Note7 to contact their place of purchase or Samsung Australia for a replacement or refund.

In the meantime, consumers should back up their data, complete a factory reset and power down their device.

Considering we are just over a week into the official recall program, those are some fairly respectable numbers. We commend all those consumers (and those who persuaded them) who did the right thing and have returned their devices. If you are still holding out please back up your data, complete a factory reset and power down the phone, NOW and go in and organise a replacement.

We know that 81% not in the hands of consumers does not mean 81% of consumers have gotten their preferred replacement option in hand. For those who purchased from Samsung direct we see positive stories of phones being swapped new for only on the spot, and users having no ‘device downtime’.

However, we do monitor the forums of the other resellers and know that this experience has not been equally as positive for everyone. Over in the Optus forums, customers have been reporting a number of incidents with Optus stores not taking back handsets or not being up to date on what’s happening with the recall.

Some Ausdroid readers are also reporting issues with getting stock from Samsung Australia

Samsung has been very pro-active with their recall in Australia and around the world, but replacing even just 56,000 handsets can be a trial even for a behemoth such as Samsung. Hopefully, stock flows through resellers logistics chains to their branches more people will get their replacement devices quickly.

The only question now remains is when the Note 7 will go back on-sale officially.

Do you have a Note 7 replacement story? Let us know below.

Source: Samsung Australia.
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Joe Lee

I got mine pre-release from Harvey Norman. returned it within a week of the recall date. I read that they would be available “from” 21 Sep so I wasn’t hholding my breath. surprisingly I received a call from HN on 23 Sep saying it was ready. I go the next day to pick it up and they have given my gold one to a customer that originally asked for a black one… so I had to wait. 2 weeks later and several calls and they have no info for me. I call Samsung and they tell me to call HN…… Read more »

Graeme Doc

Samsung Australia need to take a good hard look at themselves. I was was a pre release customer who parted with my cash well before the note 7 was released. By doing such I was also guaranteed a free 256gb SD card. My phone was picked up by courier and returned several weeks ago and after a number of calls to Samsung Store it’s been the same story each time…“a couple of weeks”. Now I read of people getting new devices while I continue to get the lame weekly sorry for your inconvenience story. My faith with Samsung (Shamesung) is… Read more »


Was forced to do refund instead of swapping device by the samsung staff. Website states that i can buy the new note 7 during the same period of time as thos who gain replacement phone, but nahh. Was asked to wait for another week.

Too much issue and drama. Different information given from the staffs and the customer service.

The Technician

I got my replacement on Tuesday and opened it to find it was Silver instead of black. Now Telstra tell me to swap it for black at a store but no one has stock.

Brandon D'Souza

Still waiting, JB keeps saying a few days everytime i ring them


Did they provide you with a loan device?

Brandon D'Souza

yeap, a J1 Mini to keep

Joe Lee

I got J1 mini too which is a useless excuse for a note 7 replacement.


Nope still waiting for my Note 7 replacement. Apparently I’ve been pushed back to the end of the queue and the ETA is now 7 – 14 days.

The issue stems from users who bought directly from Samsung online or from Virgin Mobile Online where there’s no system to swap devices at a physical location and thus no accountability.


Dr 1337
Did they provide you with a loan device?

Brandon D'Souza

Still, their recall FAQ’s do state that “during September we will have enough new Note7 devices to meet the demands of all impacted Note7 customers”


I traded mine in with Optus for an S7Edge so I could be done with this saga. Great phone, but I’ll wait for the next Note in 2017 now when all of this has (hopefully) blown over.


I handed my Note 7 in on the 7/09/16
Haven’t heard a thing since
Both Telstra and Samsung just keep telling me to wait, they won’t give me an eta.
All Telstra can tell me is they can see I handed it in…..

Pretty disappointing considering some retailers are already selling the new stock.


Where have you seen it on sale? We’ve been checking and haven’t seen any as yet.

Did they provide you with a loan device?


Most Harvey Norman’s, if you check the whirlpool thread it’s all around Aus.

Yeah I got a S7 Edge loaner, which I’m happy with as a temporary device.
Just like to know when I’m getting mine.

Also interested to see if other places start selling from today as everyone was being told previously it would go back on sale today


Also JB Hi-Fi’s that have stock will sell you one if you opted for a refund and can prove it with a receipt.


I got my replacement device delivered on Wednesday, but I haven’t opened the box yet. I will start it up this weekend and migrate my LG G4 apps & data (again)

Oliver Ward

I bet if Samsung made a Pokemon Go styled game to find the remaining dodgy phones this recall would be done & dusted by now.

Yianni soc

I Lol’d. Nice one.