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As rumoured, Google has today announced their official change from Google for Work to Google Cloud, merging all of Google’s cloud platforms into one brand.

The new service, Google Cloud, brings together the original Google Cloud Platform products together with its all of its user facing collaboration and productivity applications now available and now called simply: G Suite. So now all go Google’s machine learning tools, APIs, the enterprise maps APIs; and device management for Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks that used to access these services can now do so in one easy location.

So what is G Suite I hear you ask? It’s basically the new name for Google Apps for Work. This includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts and more. Essentially it’s all the apps and services Google offers.

Google has said that Google Cloud, isn’t just about products though, they’ll be working alongside companies moving them into using cloud services using Google’s legions of skilled engineers and product support staff.

As part of the launch of Google Cloud, Google has announced eight new Google Cloud Regions including a new one in Sydney. Google has also launched new regions which include Mumbai, Singapore, Northern, Virginia, São Paulo, London, Finland and Frankfurt – and there’s more to come over the next coming year.

Regions are basically bringing the infrastructure closer to you, lowering latency for one thing meaning it’s faster to access your cloud services, reducing business costs. Google has cited their recent expansion in Oregon, which resulted in up to 80% improvement in latency for its customers as a reason for adding more regions.


You can read more about the launch of Google Cloud here.

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Great products, terrible new name. What was it called… G Sweet, no… G Spot, No!