Using Google Drive on your mobile can often be time consuming navigating your way through a myriad of folders to find the file you are after. Today the Google Drive team have announced a new feature for Android users called Quick Access that is set to speed up the Google Drive experience.


Quick Access uses Google’s wizardry, also known as “machine learning” to predict when you will need a certain file and it then presents this file at the top of the Drive app’s home page as seen in the images below. Aimed to make it twice as fast at finding the required file is predicts your required file based on your previous Drive activity, your workday patterns and your interaction with colleagues.

For me it looks like it will save me well over 50% of time as I have a myriad of folders nested within folders. How well it works remains to be seen but after a quick test today, it is very accurate- it knew somehow I was going to work on my Fossil Q Wander review as well as hack my phone and flash a custom rom (it provided my Google password backup file). It seems to be something switched on from Google’s side as it is available globally from today (and I do not remember updating my Google Drive app) for G Suite customers on Android.

Source: Google Drive Blog.
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It’s been quite a few days since I have this feature.

Mike Stevens

Oh ffs, thank god. This is going to save an arseload of time.

Also, I gotta be that guy for a moment…

” through a myriad of folders” – “through myriad folders”.