Rumours of Google expanding the Android One program have been circulating for a while now, and earlier this week a fairly reliable rumour surfaced that an Android One variant of the Moto X4 would be headed to the western/USA market. Today a new leak suggests that an as-yet unannounced HTC device, the HTC “Ocean Life” will also have an Android One variant.

According to two Twitter rumours, one from the ever reliable Evan Blass who included the below picture for good measure, HTC’s next mid tier device will have an Android One variant, if not fully be released as an Android One device. However, unlike Android One phones of the past which have come with a completely stock Android ROM, it’s possible the Ocean Life will include some HTC software, similar to what Xiaomi are doing with their A1 phone.

According to the rumours the impending HTC Android One device will include HTC Sense, the HTC Camera as well as the Zoe and USonic features. The Ocean Life is also rumoured to include the new Edge Sense gestures brining squeezable phones to the lower tiered markets.

This is a significant departure of the original intent and branding of the Android One program where Google would maintain a clean install of Android for the Hardware OEMs. Why HTC and Google have decided to partner on this Franken-version of Android One remains to be seen.

Of course as with all rumours you should remember to take a healthy dose of salt with this one. While the leaks seems legit a health dose of scepticism seems warranted as the device doesn’t seem to be much different to HTC’s current offerings with respect to software. Android One is meant to be a clean version of Android updated by Google — this rumour is starting to veer away from that, much more than Xiaomi have done.

Would you be tempted by a lower cost Android One device if it came to Australia? Let us know below.

Source: 9to5Google.
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The things that I value the most in a smartphone are WiFi-AC, NFC, Fingerprint, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of Storage may not be available in a lower cost Android One device. However, if one came a long that met those requirements, I would purchase one in a heartbeat. Latest CPU, screen or updates no longer interest me.


Hey Mate. Thank you for the tip. AC is more to keep in line with where technology is heading. No specific use case. I work next to a JB HiFi. I’ll go and see tomorrow to see if they have one. Thanks again. Much appreciated.