If you’re interested in the Moto X4 after reading our review — tl;dr Chris loved it — then you might be even more excited by this news; while it comes with Android 7.1.1 out of the box, it will be getting an upgrade to Android Oreo in a couple of weeks come early January 2018.

Mostly, this isn’t really a surprise. Motorola told us back in September which phones would receive the Android 8 Oreo update and the Moto X4 was listed there. It’s taken a little longer than we might’ve liked, but reality is, most otherĀ  phones haven’t received the update yet either.

It seems likely, though not yet confirmed, that other recently-released Moto phones will receive the update around the same time, so keep an eye out in January for that update notification.

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So this is the first Motorola news for a long time, an Oreo update!! Has Motorola gone on long service leave? I like Motorola phones but the X4 was the last phone they announced and that was back in August and there appears to be nothing new on the horizon!!

Jack Bauer

That’s because they’ve released tons of phones this year.

We’ll hear more about their 2018 range in January and February. I’m looking to buy the Moto G 2018 phone if it still has a 5″ screen.