The hype train for the launch of the Galaxy S9 (& S9+) is already on the tracks and heading off, so it’s no surprise that renders of the S9 have now come to light.

Before you get excited, these are renders created by a phone case maker, not press renders from Samsung like we normally expect from Evan. The render is created by Ghostek, in co-operations with Forbes, so there’s some credibility to the leaks, and we’ve seen leaks of case maker renders from leakers like @onleaks for some time.

So, what does it look like? Well, here it is:

The render matches previous leaks we’ve seen from @onleaks as well as other case makers and component leaks. All the leaks, including this one, show a refined design that keeps the great parts of the Galaxy S8 like the Infinity Display, but fixes the much derided fingerprint sensor placement on the rear.

Of course the hated Bixby button will be back, but we’re hoping Bixby may pick up some usability enhancements before the launch.

There will be differences between the S9 and S9+, with the S9+ getting dual rear cameras while the stock S9 will continue with a single sensor.

Current rumours place the launch of the phone anywhere between now and Mobile World Congress in late February, but our money is placed on a launch during the press lead-up to MWC. If you’re a Samsung fan, then you’ll be keen to see all the leaks as they come, stay tuned for a lot more in the coming months.

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The S9 looks alright , imo sammy really only needed to do something with the crappy finger print button location . some have been hoping for the under screen finger print sensor , personally i could not care less for it , if one day they get it going and it works well then that would be good . As for putting the sensor under glass just to be cool or to be the first ….. Meh , i just dont see how it add anything over a good button type sensor . Sammy could instead focus on items we… Read more »