With Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro and Google’s Pixel 3 launch now behind us, the smartphone space starts to quieten down a bit in the lead-up to Christmas. While CES is just after new year, the real smartphone news waits for February’s Mobile World Congress and – at just four months away – it’s high time we had some 2019 rumours.

The one that gets all the tongues wagging is Samsung’s annual Galaxy S release, and the Galaxy S10 is bound to be a big one for Samsung. The Galaxy S line is what made the South Korean brand in smartphones, and for the 10th anniversary, they’re going to go big.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Galaxy S10 will launch with 5G support, some design changes, and a more affordable, lower cost version.

Before you get too excited about 5G, though, bear in mind that there aren’t any real consumer 5G networks yet, at least not in Australia. Whether there will be by February/March next year is up in the air, but it seems unlikely for now. However, Samsung will apparently include a “fifth generation wireless chipset” in the Galaxy S10 range, and in the US they’re in talks with Verizon to support the carrier’s 5G network.

2019’s Samsung Galaxy S10 will also adopt an in-screen fingerprint sensor, following Huawei’s debut of the technology this month, and there will also be three versions of Samsung’s flagship, with a focus on a more affordable version for mass-market appeal.

What else the Galaxy S10 will feature (or not) remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: we’re only a few months away from finding out, and in that time, we’re bound to see plenty of leaks, rumours and more.

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Dave Martin

Why don’t Samsung continue the flat screen on the note phones .. I hate that rounded off screen every one I know complains about the curve screen .. is there some way we can push Samsung to a flat screen for the note phones


Title mentioned under display camera whereas article mentioned under display fingerprint sensor 😕

Sujay Vilash

I went for a job interview at Optus. One of the pitch they made was the release of their 5G network by the end of January 2019. So a commercial 5G network is not that far off.