We’re over at MWC waiting for the show to start, but it seems that many of the main manufacturers here are having issues preventing their secrets from being revealed. Unfortunately for Huawei, their Mate X Foldable has leaked at the last second through (presumably a construction worker onsite) Slashleaks.

The photo taken of the banner at Huawei’s booth at MWC here in Barcelona shows a centre, outward-folding device with a lock in clip that seemingly leaves one edge of the devices live which could be utilises by app designers for notifications, live displays or anything else is potentially huge range of functionality.

The outward fold has caused some discussion in the comments around the longevity of the device for fear of general wear on the device and the potential for failure — but then that is the entire issue with foldable phones. They are so new that we don’t know if the foldable displays will last at all. You would hope so considering the expected price of the foldable phones.

We’ll know the full details after their press conference tomorrow and with two sets of eyes and ears at the announcement you can be sure we will publish the full details shortly afterwards.

What foldable devices are capturing your interest as we edge closer to release day?

Source: Slashleaks.