Have you ever wanted to be able to easily ‘send’ a phone number from a desktop search to your phone to make dialing it quicker and easier? It seems a couple of Googlers felt the same way, as during a recent Google Hackathon they built out exactly that functionality.

The so-called Click to call feature does exactly what you’d expect, click on a phone number and you get prompted to send the number to your registered device, from there you’ll see a prompt to dial the number on your phone. The important thing to note here is that while this coed has been found in the chromium repository that doesn’t mean it’s something that will ever see the light of day as a user-facing feature.

I for one would love to see this integrated into Google’s desktop offerings just like the similar functionality found in Google Maps to send a navigation course to your device. based on this being a hackathon project it’s hard to tell how likely it is we will ever see it.

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    I really do hope they add this feature.

    Also I suggest you read the title again, I am yet to use the Chome browser. 😋