Since introducing Data Saver in Chrome, Google says the service has saved the average user 60%, and now Google’s looking to make the service better with a name change to Lite Mode.

The expanded Light Mode will look to reduce data further use by continuing to use Google servers to help compress the pages you visit before downloading them.

Utilising the NetworkInformation API, Lite mode will tell websites/servers that you you are interested in receiving a version of the site that uses less data if one is available.

Google has said that Lite Mode will continue to respect users privacy. An example of this would be when Chrome optimises an HTTPS page, only the URL is shared with Google and all other information such as cookies, login information, and personalised page content won’t be shared.

Google has said that Lite Mode will be only be available via the Chrome browser on Android. On desktop Chrome, the Data Saver extension will instead deprecated in M74.

To enable Lite mode, select Settings > Lite mode and toggle the setting to On. If you already have Data Saver Mode already enabled, then Lite Mode will automatically be switched on when the new Chrome arrives on your device.

Source: Chromium Blog.