Samsung raced to get the Galaxy Fold into reviewers and influencers’ hands just to be first. Unfortunately as we all know that backfired in a big way with many units being sent back after having various display issues.

Samsung then postponed all Galaxy Fold orders indefinitely.

Now Samsung are sending out an update to those who pre-ordered stating that if they do not respond their order will be cancelled by default. The email, thanks to Droid Life, is below and says that although Samsung are working on making the Galaxy Fold’s display more robust they will be automatically cancelling orders unless the customer responds to the email with a “yes I would like to keep my order”.

Customers can also cancel orders at if they wish. Samsung state that no one will be charged for their order until it ships out.

At this stage there is no inclination of when the device will ship and while it seemed like a great idea in theory its implementation seems to not match at this stage. The foldable smartphone looks like a great idea but remember that it is very early in its infancy and as such there are bound to be numerous teething issues.

Those willing to jump on the first batch of Samsung Galaxy Folds are possibly playing with fire but every device will come with a warranty remember — two years in Australia. Anyone willing to fork out that much cash on a first generation foldable smartphone?

Source: Droid Life.